Efficient engineering and construction for new generations

We create sustainable, innovative and honest projects

We create sustainable, innovative and honest projects

Our mission is to design and manage integrated custom projects for an intelligent and sustainable future, from the study phase to implementation. We focus of improving processes, returns on investment and business development in order to guarantee quality, schedules and satisfaction. Our work and commitment are validated by the main certification systems in the sector.

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Today’s society is complex, which means that honesty requires a collective effort. The key is being able to say that we are actually doing everything we can to be honest with our clients, suppliers and society as a whole.
One field of specialisation affects others, which means that when we plan our activities, we have to uphold honesty as an essential aspect for keeping the trust of all parties involved.


As part of a company’s commitment to social responsibility, it is important to guarantee a sustainable supply chain that does not pose a threat to human rights.
In fact, it should improve living conditions for people. Taking part in actions to bring about improvement, and to collaborate with different associations is an essential part of a collaborative company. Evidently, this includes altruistic participation in social assistance programmes and a commitment to sharing knowledge, but it also involves generosity, charisma and the passion of each individual in the business in their daily work and personal lives.


Through integrated environmental competences, INTER helps to create safe and healthy living conditions.
The efficient use of resources while preventing and managing environmental risks in both daily operations and new investments is key for the different industry sectors.
The changing environment and increasing legal requirements mean that new ideas and innovative solutions are necessary. We undertake projects in order to meet the challenges of the future.

Architecture and construction

Industrial engineering

Environmental and EHS

Architecture and construction


Industrial engineering


Environmental and EHS



We create solutions for the property market of the future

Most recent project

Extension of ICT Ibérica facilities

We embarked on what is currently one of the most important important investments in Europe, and this the result.

Custom engineering and architecture services

Every project is important to us, and we add value during each stage of the process in order to make it a benchmark for its sector.

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Paper sector

Environmental certification

Chemical and pharmaceutical sector

Agri-food sector

Logistics sector

Certification and methodology

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Become a part of the INTER team of architects, engineers and consultants. We greatly value an innovative mindset and willingness to be of service.

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The Aragonese Inter Engineering grows 25% and consolidates its delegations in Madrid and Barcelona.

The company plans to increase its turnover to exceed 3 million euros in 2022.