BIM methodology

Building Information Modelling

The methodology for the digital transformation of architecture, engineering and construction

INTER has implemented BIM as the collaborative work methodology for each building construction project. BIM is the holistic information creation and management process for built assets on which our project management processes rely. BIM can help to find the most efficient and effective way of working and achieving better results.
Based on a constantly evolving intelligent model using a cloud computing platform, BIM allows common structured and multidisciplinary data to be integrated in order to create a digital representation of the asset from the planning and design stages to construction and operations

Why do we use the BIM methodology?

BIM helps us to visually comprehend the design and engineering options, and allows the creative team to test design options on the virtual model, enabling greater collaboration with the teams involved in a project.

Cost and resource savings

BIM provides construction cost estimates throughout the life cycle of the project, before construction work even begins.

Shorter delivery timelines

BIM allows us to design buildings more quickly and commence construction as soon as possible, and the efficiency it brings allows us the project to be executed at a faster pace.

High-quality results

BIM calculations and models are more detailed and accurate, which results in a higher-quality structure.

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