Green Building Council LEED certification

The leading community in green construction

Since 2020 we have been a member of the Green Building Council community in Spain (GBCe), which advocates the creation of an environmentally and socially responsible building system to improve quality of life for society and create a greener and more sustainable planet.
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification attests to the fact that all our buildings are green, healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving. It is an internationally recognised symbol of leadership in the sustainability of buildings. It reflects our commitment to the management of energy, resource and material use in all our architecture and engineering projects.

Why are we a part of GBCe?

The only certification with a 99% success rate.

Buildings with LEED certification have been proven to provide cost savings, improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and create healthier environments for people.

Competitive advantage

This certification helps to demonstrate the environmental commitment of companies and to improve financial performance.

Attracting tenants

LEED certified buildings obtain higher rents. It is estimated that the vacancy rate of green buildings is only 4%

Administering performance

LEED certification offers an integral framework for design, sustainable construction, operations and performance of green buildings.

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