Project engineering

Our specific form or management is based on our leadership and expertise in the fields of both general project management and the specific disciplines of engineering and architecture. Our more than 20 years’ experience have enabled us to manage projects from start to finish, and we guide the process through every project stage in order to guarantee optimum results. To achieve this, we add our input to the planning, design, modelling, organisation, development and continuous optimisation of business processes in order to create value.

Process engineering

Our project engineers do the necessary calculations in order to draft process outlines.

Human resources

Once the scope of the project has been determined, we can put together a suitable technical team to execute it.

Necessary documentation

We compile the documents required by the project, such as block diagrams and process descriptions.

Basic engineering

This stage involves the individuals responsible for the execution of the building work and the client in order to provide a detailed description of the component processes.


We study and design the definitive building plans and make the decisions regarding the start of project execution.

Engineering management

We oversee the study, construction and maintenance stages involved in the execution of the civil or industrial engineering project.

Sectors for which we handle project engineering





Certificates and methodology